Chris White


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Chris White
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ESL/EFL: English as a Second or Foreign Language Adaptation of graphics and visuals to assist in language acquisition
TOEFL English I / TOEFL English II (IBP)
English Communication Seminar I&II
Business English A/B (IBP)
Preparation for Studies Abroad (留学準備英語)
English Conversation


Business English, TOEFL test preparation, and English conversation through a functional approach.
TOEFL English I&II focus on introducing students to many of the techniques and strategies used on the test. The class focus is on bettering one’s score by a better understanding of the test itself, in addition to extensive vocabulary and question practice. English Communication Seminar I&II are general communication courses which focus on practicing English in a variety of natural everyday situations. The focus is on student-centered activities. Students taking these courses should be aware that active participation is not only encouraged but required. Seminar I focuses on everyday situations while speaking English, while Seminar II focuses more on travel and study abroad. Business English A/B introduce a variety of English skills in a business context. Presentations, business vocabulary, resume and cover letter presentation, emailing and etiquette are just some of the topics that will be covered. Preparation for Studies Abroad (留学準備英語) is a course designed to help students whose intent is to travel overseas for study purposes. The course focuses on introducing English necessary for life on campus, as well as practice in dealing with a variety of situations one may face as he/she experiences life in a foreign country. English Conversation is a course designed to give all students, regardless of their ability, the opportunity to communicate meaningfully in English. Students are encouraged to speak out and participate actively both individually and in groups. The focus is on real communication NOT perfection!
English Communication Seminar I/II can be taken independently or together as each has a different focus. TOEFL English II and Business English A are restricted to IBP students only. If you don’t use English, you lose it, so speak up in class, have fun, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! 無断欠席は厳禁です。